Many spiritual people believe the only way to find inner peace is to renounce the world and to live the life of a monk. But the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient set of techniques given over 5000 years ago to help humanity realise our true selves, says that renouncing the world is not necessary at all.

The Gita discusses how renunciation and performing one’s duty in the world do not go against each other but compliment each other. It states that renunciation is a state of mind and does not depend on going into the forest.

The Gita says that action must always be performed, even the breath we take, and the thoughts we think is action. One may go into the forest and stop any worldly duties, but if one still has not controlled the mind, and has desires, then there is no renunciation.

The state of one’s mind is much more important than what one does on the outside. The Gita considers the person who lives in the world and carries out their activities without desires and attachment much more advanced than the monk who has renounced the world but still has desires in his mind.

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